Why I am doing this

An apology for cluttering up the Internet with inanties


So for one reason or another I find myself with time on my hands which others have told me might be usefully employed by starting a blog.

I am lucky enough to be able to explore the mighty city of London and all sorts of cultural events therein so this blog will act as a record of my travels. There will be¬†plenty of biases, and it will be¬†focused on theatre and art/exhibitions with a bit of classical/opera tacked on and some thoughts on films and some other things. Dance is still a tricky customer for me and gigs generally are now way too loud and uncomfortable. I am under strict orders to eat less (so no restaurants) and the last time I went to a club Thatcher was in charge (mind you plus ca change plus c’est le meme chose).

I am a fully paid up member of the London metropolitan elite so don’t come here if you aren’t comfortable with all the ponceyness that goes with that. As an ageing, misanthropic, liberal type expect some ranting from the armchair about the state of the world as well.

I don’t really use a phone or social media, not as a reaction or pose, but because I don’t really have enough friends to warrant it and I don’t really understand it.

So off we go.

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